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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Warren Buffett's Letter to Santa Claus

by Patrick Morris, The Motley Fool
Although I haven't had the chance to ask Warren Buffett what he'd like for Christmas, I image his letter to Santa would look something like this:

Source: recitethis.com

Dear Santa,

2013 has been a solid year for Berkshire Hathaway , and I'm thankful for that. We bought Heinz -- they make ketchup, which is red, just like your sleigh -- for a tidy $28 billion in partnership with 3G Capital, and I'm certain it was a great investment in a great company.

We also added a nice $3.4 billion position in ExxonMobil , which places it just behind Wal-Mart in our portfolio. I suspect your elves aren't the biggest fans of Wal-Mart, as it provides quite a bit of competition in the toy landscape, but I'm certain you all have a competitive edge. Exxon could likely help you out if you every run into any issues with heat in the North Pole -- they know a thing or two about energy. I also suspect they could make your coal production phenomenally more cost effective. I hear there have been some naughty CEOs this year.

As you know, I'm also a tremendous fan of Coca-Cola , and based on what I've seen, it looks like you are too. I have a nice cold Cherry Coke with the See's Candies -- they're better than cookies -- next to the fireplace for a little nourishment foe you before you journey out of Omaha.