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Thursday, November 21, 2013

How Libya And Warren Buffett Boosted Canadian Energy Stocks

As Canadian energy stocks are finally seeing a bit of a push, and demand for Canadian commodities looks set to rise, juniors are confident that economics will ensure that Canadian oil—the cheapest in the world—will find its way to more markets, with or without Washington’s approval of Keystone XL. In the meantime, some sweet spots in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, like the Montney shale formation—are showing promise as gas turns into oil for the bigger players, while the juniors are hoping to piggyback on this new success.
In an exclusive interview with Colin Soares, the CEO of High North Resources we discuss:

    How Libya and Warren Buffett boosted Canadian energy stocks
    Why we can expect stronger demand for Canadian commodities
    Why simple economics favors Canada’s cheap crude
    Why Canadian juniors are banking on $70 oil
    Why oil price volatility will haunt us
    Why we shouldn’t expect a big change in Canadian crude price differentials just yet
    Why Washington’s approval of Keystone XL isn’t as critical as before
    What we can expect from all the hush-hush over the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin
    How the key for juniors in the Montney shale is to piggyback off the shift from gas to oil exploration
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