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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Financial Literacy: Warren Buffett Invites Kids to Join the "Club"

BY Donald Liebenson
In Hollywood, success is often predicated on who you know. Andy Heyward and Amy Moynihan know Warren Buffet. And Warren Buffet knows Andy Heyward and Amy Moynihan, co-presidents of A-Squared Entertainment. Together, they have created “The Secret Millionaires Club,” an animated financial literacy series in which Buffett serves as mentor to a group of kids whose entrepreneurial endeavors introduce and reinforce basic concepts of business and personal finance.

This isn’t Buffett in name only. Unlike the animated feature Yellow Submarine, in which the Beatles offered no creative input and actors voiced John, Paul, George and Ringo, Buffett has been hands-on in the series’ development, from supplying key financial and life lessons he felt it was important for children to learn to voicing himself and meeting with finalists in the series’ annual Grow Your Own Business Challenge. His name, too, was a useful calling card to attract such stellar guest stars as Jay-Z, Shaquille O'Neal and Bill Gates