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Sunday, November 10, 2013

3 Energy Companies Warren Buffett Loves

by Tyler Crowe, The Motley Fool Nov 8th 2013 10:23AM
Updated Nov 8th 2013 10:24AM

Warren Buffett doesn't take investment decisions lightly. If he is buying something, then the company probably has a very optimistic long term outlook that may be overlooked. So far this year, Mr. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has made 2 major pickups in the energy space: National Oilwell Varco , Suncor . Also, Berkshire subsidiary Mid-American Energy will be closing an acquisition for NV Energy this quarter. So what makes these companies so special that they get the Warren Buffett stamp of approval? Let's take a look at these three companies and see what gives them that secret sauce.

NV Energy, more than meets the eye
Warren BuffettUnless you pay a utility bill in Nevada, or you are a Warren Buffet superfan that follows every move, you may not have heard much about NV energy. Then again, the regulated utility for Nevada -- the state that ranks 40th in terms of power consumed per capita -- is not exactly a company that is going to entice lots of investor excitement. But, as a regulated utility, it is a pretty stable business that generates relatively predictable cash flows. Can you think of a more boring investment? Probably not.
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