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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Warren Buffett on The Fiscal Cliff

13 July 2012 Bloomberg Warren Buffett the Berkshire Hathaway Chairman & CEO talks about The Fiscal Cliff in America

Warren Buffett : "People are quite disgusted with Congress. As this country grows our debt capacity grows [Beautiful] To go through the charade...we're going to increase the debt ceiling. Why Congress doesn't do it in 5 minutes is disgusting. They know they're going to do it. They are using it as a little pawn in the game to discourage the other side. Only Congress passes bills. The debt ceiling is the most obvious of all. I think it would give the American people confidence that they won't use everything in the world as a political gamble. It's gotten worse. The Democrats don't want to talk about what expenditures they would cut, the Republicans don't want to talk about what revenues they would raise. And everyone wants to talk about reform! This can't go on. America is the best place to live"