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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bill Gates vs Warren Buffett On Competing With Google

Bill Gates Warren Buffet and Google

Fox Business made an interview with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet on June 04 2009 . Liz of Fox Business News mentions Buffett’s love of Google, quoting him: “Their moat of competitiveness is so wide and what they do is so tough to compare and to compete with that in that moat are sharks and crocodiles that no one can get near.”
Bill Gates answered by saying that "Microsoft is undeterred " : “Well, technology companies do for a period get in these wonderful positions and, you know, it’s great that there’s somebody willing to attack those moats. Microsoft is undeterred. We look at each one of those crocodiles and we say charge!”

Buffet responds “No shark wants to come up against him,” and Gates ends with “So, it is, it is a daunting thing, but consumers benefit when somebody’s willing to take that on and say, hey, we can do a better search product.”

Google dominate the internet search market while Microsoft is trying to get a stake of this huge market but still has a long way to go before it can challenge Google domination

The entire clip is below: