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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Warren Buffett To Reveal 1st Quarter Berkshire Hathaway Results next Friday

Warren Buffett will release the first-quarter results of Berkshire Hathaway May 8, six days after the company’s annual meeting to take place May 2nd in Omaha, Nebraska.

Berkshire has posted five straight declines on deteriorating results at insurance units and liabilities from derivative bets on world stock markets.

This data is expected very carefully by investors since Berkshire Hathaway has not had a pleasant 2009. Mr.Buffett has been heavily criticized for investing in companies such as Wells Fargo and American Express, which has been down in stock value.

On top of Buffett’s choice of stocks, there are doubts of any positive trend for Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire may not do too well since it has business in the jewelry and housing market, which have been hit by the recent crisis
Others argue that Berkshire has had a good run and that Buffett has proven that investments can pay off if you know how to work with them. The Buffett Way is a book many consider to be helpful to learn to invest like the oracle of Omaha.

There is fear, however as to how the company will be continuing its successful investment streak like its shown in the past. With Byron Trott out, who is to say Berkshire will keep doing well without him? That is a major issue for stock holders of BRK and something to take into consideration before investing in the company.

Source Bloomberg
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